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Inauguration August 14, 2007

Filed under: meta — taoiseach @ 12:46 pm

August 14, 2007 – a Tuesday in the middle of a summer month. As good a time as any, one supposes, to launch a new project. Ahoy, progressive decade!

And so Behold, burgeoning audience, the inauguration of Beaver Boundary. Yes, it’s yet another blog that floats information about Oregon politics and public affairs to a somewhat-wider and perhaps savvier reader base. But that niche is hardly a crowded one.

With an eye towards territorial trends and events as well as a focus on Oregon state politics, Beaver Boundary will eventually be one more source where the local political addict can avail herself of a ‘fix’. And like a few other blogs, this one comes at you straight from the left.

Consider the champagne bottle smashed wide open over this bow.


2 Responses to “Inauguration”

  1. welcome to the Lefty Oregon Blogosphere!

  2. Thank you for linking to me. I am so very grateful for this. I have, of course, returned the favor.

    I have a hard time getting link love so I wonder what caused you to do it. Answer privately if you choose, but even if you don’t, thanks; I am sincerely grateful.

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