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You, Wu, Brew and Land U(se) August 15, 2007

Filed under: Brew,Congress,Vulcans — taoiseach @ 2:42 pm

Oregon Congressman David Wu loves the second person voice. In fact, he adores it so much that he’sDavid Wu discussing Klingons decided to throw yet another beer-and-pizza fundraiser with the word ‘you’ in the title. But since it’s an off-year for Congressional elections, he’s directed his celebration of playful wording to benefit a new cause: passage of Measure 49, which ‘fixes’ Measure 37.

A mainstay political event every year, “You, Wu and Brew and Fix 37, too” happens tonight (Wed., August 15) on the roof of the Ecotrust building (NW 10th and Irving) in Northwest Portland at 5:30 PM. Tickets are $25 for unlimited Bridgeport Beer, Hot Lips Pizza and political elbow-rubbing. Congressman Wu has even made a foray into the blogs to promote his event over at Loaded Orygun.

I hope that Wu and his staff take a turn towards ‘Star Trek’ in the 2008 edition with “You, Wu, Brew and a Faux Klingon Too”. Maybe by then the Oregon Republican Party will have taken their fight against illegal aliens ‘where no man has gone before’…


2 Responses to “You, Wu, Brew and Land U(se)”

  1. James X. Says:

    Please, someone, just let that clip die. I want it gone from my memory.

  2. carla Says:

    Hey Taoiseach:

    Could you drop me an email? I LOVE this blog.


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