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While we were out… September 9, 2007

Filed under: Roundup — taoiseach @ 8:18 pm

Over the past few days, while the Boundary crew took in the cultural offerings of Musicfest NW and a sunny late summer, the news cycle kicked back into full-gear after its summer slumbers.

Of note:

  • Independent Party member John Frohnmayer non-announced his candidacy for Oregon’s second United States Senate seat.
  •  A federal judge rejected the OIA’s constitutional challenge to the forthcoming Ballot Measure 49.
  • Representative Debbie Boone jumped the rapidly-sinking Democrats for Smith ship in order to throw her weight behind her colleague, Speaker Jeff Merkley.
  • The Oregon House Republican caucus wasted no time in exploiting the Board of Nursing shakeup for partisan gain and a shot at Governor Kulongoski.
  • Southern Willamette Valley residents expressed skepticism about an upcoming Oregon State University report regarding the health effects of field burning.  The opponents of the practice fear that OSU’s study, paid for by grass seed farmers, will contain a biased conclusion in favor of burning.
  • Colossal curmudgeon Steve Duin continues his gassy tirade against the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and anybody who holds elective office.
  • Portland political observers (most of them for-profit) are nearing the end of their relentless speculation of the 2008 mayoral race and its ramifications.  Mayor Tom Potter is poised to announce his plans tomorrow at 11:30 AM.
  • Representative Vicki Berger has ruled out a run for State Treasurer, speculating that former state Senate candidate Paul Evans would run and win the race to succeed her.  Advice to Mr. Evans: don’t wait for a golden opportunity, take on Berger now!  You’ll probably win, as the hardcore GOP members are none too happy with the quasi-moderate Rep. Berger.

Apparently, the political season has arrived for the city and statewide arenas.  Up next: state legislative offices and, maybe, the Congressional arenas.  And now that the crew’s all culturally caught-up, you can expect the Boundary to break it as it happens.  Or maybe just a few minutes later…


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