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Is John Frohnmayer the Immigration Reform Candidate? September 25, 2007

Filed under: U.S. Senate — taoiseach @ 6:30 pm

I just noticed this weird cognitive overlap between John Frohnmayer’s logo and the logo for the bigoted, ultra-right wing group Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Frohnmayer uses it in his last name…

fronmayer fir

…as well as in his first:

john fir.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform, which among other things, believes that we should hate illegal aliens because “most illegals have higher fertility rates than our native populations”, uses this logo:

ofir logo

So is this a creepy homage that reveals Frohnmayer’s true ideology with regard to ‘Republican values’? Or is the Frohnmayer campaign just plain stealing from a right-wing immigration group?

Neither answer can be that good for the left-wing audience he’s courting.


19 Responses to “Is John Frohnmayer the Immigration Reform Candidate?”

  1. Sal Peralta Says:

    Shot answer: Don’t be stupid.

    I got the idea from an insurance company based in McMinnville, and Stanford University, where John did his undergraduate work. The tree is a sitka spruce, not a fir. I used 1 color to save on print costs, and I have all of the original artwork I used in the piece.

    Pretty half-assed attempt to create controversy given some of your comments on the trouble Merkley ran into last week.

  2. Sal peralta Says:

    As for the “true Republican values” … as always, we encourage people to see for themselves what John has to say about Republican values and then judge where he stands.

  3. KneeJerk Says:

    Oh My God! Everyone with a regular Oregon license plate (has the same tree on it) is a right-wing bastard!

  4. KneeJerk Says:

    Wow, this is getting really creepy. I am driving around and seeing all these right-wing crazy racists with trees on their license plates!


  5. KneeJerk Says:

    Maybe I can make this page display the evil license plate.

  6. KneeJerk Says:

    Oh, Hell on Earth! I went to the Independent Party of Oregon web site (, and its logo includes THOUSANDS OF TREES! I almost vomited from the shock.

  7. Reactionary Paranoid Says:

    Sweet evil Jeebus! Now every company that uses a fir tree in their logo is… a right-wing bastion for immigration reformers! RUN! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

  8. Taoiseach Says:

    They look pretty similar folks. And I though that OFIR was based in McMinnville, too, Sal, so I wonder why you didn’t catch this resemblance earlier…

    At minimum, it’s an image that connotes an association between the two, intentional or not.

  9. TaxLady Says:

    So you’re saying that the Dems must be associated with the GOP whenever they use a US Flag motif?


  10. Kneejerk Says:

    Yea, Sal, why did you not notice that:

    “A tree is a tree. How many more do you have to look at?”
    — Ronald Reagan

  11. Filibuster Says:

    Who says satire is dead? This is a hilarious riff on conspiracy theorists–the super-secret tree mafia! Trees on the state seal, trees in the Sierra Club logo–omigawd, all part of OFIR!

    Huh, Wait, you really meant this as an internet rumor hit job? You expected the netroots to fall for this “analysis” and repeat it?

    Take a look at Hillary’s web site, she uses the same upper and lower case font as OFIR. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  12. taoiseach Says:

    Kneejerk, et al, you’re not very bright, eh? Font is entirely different than logo, which is a place-holding symbol for the candidate. Both groups use a fir tree inside the capital letter O.

    Do you see that anywhere else (besides the insurance company they probably both stole it from)?

  13. Kneejerk Says:

    Oh toasich, calling others not bright, when you’ve gone and made an arse of yourself. Gleodhmán are you.

    What’s your point now? That Sal poached a graphic element from some design geniuses in McMinnville? Or that he is sending cryptic (ohhhh-scary) gang signs to anti-immigration group?

    A logo is not “place holding symbol.” A logo is “a single plate faced with a term (as the name of a newspaper or a trademark)” or a “a graphic representation or symbol of a company name.” It is a combination of symbols, typeface, color, spacing, etc. to produce a total effect. In this case the entire name, including the fonts (upper or lower casing, symbols) are the “logo.”

    Trees in ovals as marks are everywhere (Sierra Club, Oregon State Bar). Filibuster pointed out the fonts (and use of upper and lower case) are common to many candidates, causes, and anyone using roman typefaces. Kneejerk saw stylized trees everywhere (license plates).

    BTW, is that why Jeff Merkley did not rent an Oregon van, but one with WA plates– because you pointed out the evil lurking in “the tree”?

  14. Frank Carper Says:

    Mr. Frohnmayer was on Outlook Portland with Nick Fish this morning and he seemed to speak negatively of Measure 50 because it’s being placed in the Constitution. That’s a little troubling because he’s trying to shed his Republican credentials but seems to
    have carry their water on this issue. He should really be ashamed. Anyone who is informed knows how hard the legislature tried to pass a statutory measure but were roadblocked by Wayne Scott in his last worthless hurrah. Further, with all of the other tax junk that the Frohnmayer and Bill Sizemore republicans have placed in the Oregon Constitution, this fits right in.

    He also referred to “lesser of two evils” saying that was the public’s view of political parties. Shame on him. Lesser of two evils is at times the view that people have about their politician. Little does he know he is just going to make it the lesser of three evils, if he really believes that bull. You should not be perpetuating the myths that your your Nader staffers tell you will get you elected. It has never worked for them and won’t for you.

  15. taoiseach Says:

    Filibuster and KneeJerk = same person.

    No surprise there, because I didn’t think there were too many people, besides Sal Peralta of course, who would take this post so seriously as to actually search for any logo involving a pine tree.

    Go away, Nader troll.

  16. Kneejerk Says:

    God, the Oregon Progressive Ad Network uses a tree logo! Must be fascists.

    Also, goofy taoiseach, more than one person can use the same computer. All you can tell is that the IP address is the same for us.

  17. carrie gragg Says:

    I think the tree symbol is probably a reference to his Stanford background. That being said, I was terribly disappointed when I saw him in person. My dad has a bachelor’s in history as does Mr. Frohnmayer, and I, as an Oregon democrat looking for change, thought I might find something new here….not so. I am a woman of Armenian descent….I inquired about Mr. Frohnmayer’s vote if Sen./House Res. 106 (Recognition of the Armenian Genocide) were to come to a vote. He told me “it doesn’t matter”. In fact, in my opinion, he seemed incredulous that I even mentioned it! I asked if he would, as senator, abstain from voting????, he said “I’d probably vote no”. I thought it was outragous considering he had a history degree from Stanford. I said that it was not a matter of “re-writing histroy, but a matter of recognition of an historical event”….I was suprised that a man of his education would not even consider this matter as important.

  18. Atlar Eplas Says:

    Good lord!

    OLCV now has a tree in their O!

    Those bigoted tree huggers must have stolen it too!

  19. chris weeks Says:

    Has he lost his ming? Is this what happens to someone who spends too long in an ivory tower? Running as an independent is an exercise in futility. It must be his ego.

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