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Lefty Blogs call out WW, platinum-seeking Jaquiss October 3, 2007

Filed under: Blogroll,Coverage — taoiseach @ 11:29 pm

Apparently the Boundary isn’t the only left-of-center journal that’s fed up with the recent faux-exposé trend that’s taken over the Willamette Week news department. First, there was the almost-universal rejection of the publication’s take on Jeff Merkley’s supposedly scandalous stewardship of rental properties–BlueOregon‘s Jeff Alworth did a fine job calling them out a couple of weeks ago.

Now another liberal blog has emerged–and while the Boundary is disappointed to lose its new-kid-on-the-block status, it is nonetheless pleased in the worthiness of its successor: Oregon Liberal. Head liberal Andrew Ainsworth is off to a great start on several different fronts, one of which is blistering media criticism. Ainsworth takes the recent criticism of WW to the next level by chastising the newsweekly for overt self-congratulatory smugness and also for what is perhaps its largest transgression: brewing up a brouhaha based on circumstance and the faintest appearance of controversy.

The part about investigative reporter Nigel Jaquiss hunting for another Pulitzer Prize story, as he did regarding the Neil Goldschmidt tempest in 2004, is particularly interesting:

Any pleas were apparently ignored, as Nigel Jaquiss (the WWeek’s Pulitzer-winning reporter) posted an article on the Sam Adams intern “scandal” just five days later on September 17th. As we learned from more respectable news sources, this turned out to be the scandal that wasn’t. Sparked by a rumor in an effort by a potential political opponent to smear Adams, the Willamette Week and Jaquiss nonetheless continued to hold out hope for another Pulitzer.

A paper can change its logo, perhaps, but that doesn’t renew the quickly-rotting brand of smear journalism afoot at WW.

Kudos to Oregon Liberal for the critical analysis.


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