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Amanda Fritz runs for City Council Seat #1 October 4, 2007

Filed under: City of Portland,Primary 2008 — taoiseach @ 8:53 am

Just one hour ago, southwest Portland activist Amanda Fritz announced on her blog that she’s heading down to City Hall and filing to stand election to the seat being vacated by Commissioner Sam Adams:

Yesterday, Sam Adams formally announced he will run for Mayor in 2008. Today, I’m heading down to City Hall after delivering Ali to Wilson, to file papers declaring my intent to run for the Commissioner # 1 seat Sam is vacating. I said all year that he has my full support for whatever seat he chose to seek, and it seemed important to me to wait for his official announcement before making mine.

I’m about to file for City Council because I think I’m the most qualified, experienced person to represent the people and passions I care about. Prioritizing the City budget to pay for basic needs before big-ticket extras. Providing services in all 95 neighborhoods. And including hardworking people in meaningful participation that respects their time and makes a difference in final decisions.

This makes some difficult choices for the progressive community:  Chris Smith, or Amanda Fritz?   To the Boundary, they both exude Portland values and good government.  Good thing there’s a while before we have to decide.

Certainly, though, Fritz has the best logo.



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