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But seriously, folks: The Straw Poll Results October 7, 2007

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Just so no one’s confused, here are the official DPO Summit straw poll results, fresh from the Associated Press:


Barack Obama 49

John Edwards 47

Hillary Clinton 36

Bill Richardson 12

Dennis Kucinich 10

U.S. Senate

Jeff Merkley 103

Steve Novick 50

Attorney General

Greg Macpherson 76

John Kroger 73

Secretary of State

Kate Brown 89

Brad Avakian 49

Vicki Walker 20

The AP reported:

Though it is a small sample size, straw polls like the one at Sunriver can be a telling test of a candidate’s strength among the party’s base, those who will volunteer to knock on doors, work the phones and donate money.

In other contested Democratic matchups, House Speaker Jeff Merkley, D-Portland, easily beat Portland lawyer and activist Steve Novick, with 103 votes to Novick’s 50. Both are seeking the Democratic nomination to run against U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Pendleton.


6 Responses to “But seriously, folks: The Straw Poll Results”

  1. tekel Says:

    Isn’t John Frohmeyer running for the nomination for Senate also?

    (oh my mistake, I guess he’s running independant)

  2. Straw Poller Says:

    Frohnmayer got one write-in vote.

  3. taoiseach Says:

    Whoever voted for Frohnmayer at the Democratic Summit should seriously reconsider their membership in the Democratic Party (cough, Sal Peralta, cough)…

  4. Andrew Carnie Says:

    That’s an interesting result in the AG race. I guess many thought Kroger would be an underdog, but with a resume like that … and he’s a great speaker.

  5. To be clear, these were not the “official DPO” results. They were not taken by The party, but at our party on Saturday night. That does limit it to people willing to stay out past 10pm ;~)

    Cool note: Gov Schweitzer stopped by!

  6. taoiseach Says:


    If only all suffrage were conditioned upon the ability to stay up past 10PM…

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