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Greenlick, Nolan Call Out Novick’s ‘Petty Backbiting’ October 11, 2007

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The Boundary couldn’t have said it any better itself. Representative Mitch Greenlick and Representative Mary Nolan, like many other Democrats in Oregon, are tired of Senate candidate Steve Novick’s nasty approach to campaigning. In a post at BlueOregon, Reps. Greenlick and Nolan, who themselves voted against 2003’s HR 2, summarily dismissed any notion that they hold a higher moral ground than House Speaker Jeff Merkley, who voted yes to support troops in imminent danger but strongly argued against the war itself. It’s the kind of statement that seems overdue from representatives of the HR 2 ‘No’ voters, all of whom, by the way, are supporting Merkley.

To wit:nolanmitch

Instead of taking aim at Gordon Smith and his failed leadership, Novick used these occasions to smear one of Oregon’s true progressive leaders. It is a crass attempt to turn Democrats against one another, an effort that serves only his selfish personal agenda. And what’s worse, he based his entire attack on talking points sent out by the Oregon Republican Party.

Representatives Greenlick and Nolan certainly know progressive when they see it–and they see it in Jeff Merkley, with whom they have served for at least 5 years. Apparently, they see something in Merkley that Steve Novick fails to understand, or simply chooses not to in order to prosecute his self-styled insurgent campaign.

Novick’s negative gambit is obviously turning off Oregon Democrats. At the Oregon Summit last weekend, they expressed their frustrations by voting for Jeff Merkley 2 to 1 in the late-night straw poll last Saturday. Before that poll, Oregon Democrats had had a number of opportunities to hear Novick’s attack on Merkley, and on Sunday, they had a chance to hear it again when Novick and Merkley made a joint appearance at the Summit. Despite Novick’s earlier enthusiasm of taking on Gordon Smith side-by-side with Merkley, he turned around and smeared Merkley.

Representatives Greenlick and Nolan, present at the Summit for the speeches, immediately recognized what had happened:

Unfortunately, what should have been a unifying experience turned ugly when Senate candidate Steve Novick went on the attack against Jeff Merkley in their Sunday joint appearance [. . .]

When he went on the attack against Jeff on Sunday at Sunriver, the energy in the room immediately evaporated. Clearly, Oregon Democrats are tired of that kind of politics.

Exactly right. Read more of the Representatives’ story at BlueOregon.

Oh, and cue the non-affiliated Novick net squad in the comments!


11 Responses to “Greenlick, Nolan Call Out Novick’s ‘Petty Backbiting’”

  1. Galen Says:

    It will be with great pleasure that I switch my party affiliation this year. I can’t wait to crash your exclusive party, and I certainly can’t wait to vote for Steve Novick. Is it because I’m such an extreme free spirit and can’t help but rock the boat? No: it’s because Steve actually INSPIRES me, and it’s because I truly believe he is the progressive who can unseat Gordon Smith. End of story.

  2. taoiseach Says:


    Welcome aboard! It’s a big tent party, and I hope you enjoy the primary enough that you remain a Democrat and vote for Jeff Merkley in the General Election.

  3. Liz Says:

    Galen, I am glad Steve inspires you. Tom Friedman had a great column in the Oregonian today about how there is virtual activism and real activism. You can’t download the kind of grass roots activism that involves going door to door, you can’t email the sort of civil rights marches which happened in the 1960s. He said he was on several college campuses recently, and the sight of the James Meredith statue (going in to the campus to register and attend classes) on the Ole Miss campus was the most inspiring thing he saw.

    If Steve inspires you, by all means organize your local area for Steve. Arrange a local event where he can speak. Get the word out about his views on global warming, economic justice, tax changes, health care, the Employee Free Choice Act.

    He has a great speaking voice. But his rhetoric is more appealing to some voters than others. Just take it from an old battle scarred multi-decade political volunteer.
    “I’m supporting Steve because he inspires me and I like his views on…” will gain a lot more votes than “Vote for Steve because Jeff Merkley is a traditional politician whose voting record I don’t like”.

  4. Looks like “Liz” here is “LT” from BlueOregon. Am I right?

  5. torridjoe Says:

    Looks like the representatives did most of the smearing. The only folks who have truly gone personal and negative all seem to support Merkley…”hypocrites”…”asshole”…crass…”petty”…”opportunist”…

    Perhaps Novick opted to change his focus once it became clear that Merkley had little interest in actually working with Steve to take down Smith.

  6. bdunn Says:

    Glad to welcome you aboard Galen! But if you want an inspiring candidate I think you got the wrong guy. Hear them both give their stump and tell me im wrong.

  7. bdunn Says:

    Also TJ have you never seen a mirror?

  8. DemSummit Says:

    Senator Kate Brown hung her head when Novick made his remarks, quietly she backed out of the room. Soft murmurs,”No, no” were heard as Novick talked. Small talk before hand, “Isn’t it great to have two smart dedicated men ready to take on Senator Gordon Smith!” Small talk after: nothing but disappointment.

  9. Tired of Spite Says:

    I’ve been following this blog for awhile now, and I have to say how absolutely disgusted I am by this sort of bile dripping off your page.

    You clearly support Speaker Merkley, and that’s understandable. But your open disdain for Steve Novick is both alarming and off-putting.

    To move from one candidate attacking a vote to attacking the very character of a human being for political reasons is unacceptable. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I support neither Merkley or Novick yet, but I certainly hope that the quality of debate on this blog improves. I don’t konw if I can stomach any more spite.

  10. If the Merkley campaign thinks this is negative, just wait and see what the Gordon Smith campaign has for the primary winner in the general election. I’m a big proponent of contested primaries. It make candidates tougher for the general election.

  11. torridjoe Says:

    “Also TJ have you never seen a mirror?”

    I beg pardon?

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