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Date Set for Democrats to Replace Deckert October 18, 2007

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The Washington County Democrats have sent out a press release indicating that Monday, October 29, will be the date of the convention to pick nominees for Senate District 14, which Sen. Ryan Deckert is vacating to serve as the Oregon Business Association President.

According to the Washington County Democrats website, Sen. Ryan Deckert intends to tender his resignation, which will become effective October 28, 2007. The website also stipulates the general process for the convention:

All current Senate District 14 Precinct Committee persons are eligible to cast nominating votes [. . .] You must be physically present to cast your votes and may not designate a substitute.

For a more in-depth look at the process, look here.
As referenced in the Boundary’s first substantive post way back in August, there is already a group of local Democrats actively seeking appointment to Sen. Deckert’s seat. According to sources in and close to Washington County politics, the following are likely to jump into the nominating contest on Oct. 29:Senate Dist 14

  • Betty Bode, current City of Beaverton councilor and health/human rights advocate
  • Mike Bohan, former candidate for the Democratic nomination in House District 27
  • Mark Hass, former state representative in House District 27
  • Jennifer Warren, former county party officer

If those four are the only nomination-seekers at the convention, it’s possible that the precinct committee people of Senate District 14, which also includes a small chunk of Multnomah County, will all receive a nomination. Oregon election law allows the party nominating convention to pick between 3 and 5 nominees. The Boards of Commissioners for Washington and Multnomah County will select the replacement from among those nominated by the party, and proportionate to population of the district, the Washington County commissioners (3 Republicans, 2 Democrats) will have a lot more weight than their Multnomah County counterparts (4 Democrats, 1 non-affiliated).

One interesting factor in this race is Mark Hass’s candidacy in the May 2008 primary for this very seat. He is seeking to hold the seat both by interim appointment and by popular election. It seems that if for some reason former Representative Hass is not selected by the commissioners, he will run for the seat anyway, presumably against whoever else is selected. According to Washington County sources, it seems that it’s a possibility that Hass might not get the nod, though he’s by no means the underdog. That he has filed his candidacy for the office in 2008 is proof of this enough–but it does seem a shrewd move on Hass’s part to get the commissioners to acknowledge his name recognition and popularity among his former constituents.

The nominating convention itself probably won’t generate much excitement if the only contenders are those four above. If that’s the case, then look to the joint meeting of the commissioners as a rare moment in local politics: for one of the few times so far in Oregon’s history, Washington County’s decision will significantly outweigh that of Multnomah County.


6 Responses to “Date Set for Democrats to Replace Deckert”

  1. Frank Carper Says:

    Does it make sense to nominate Hass since he has already announced he is running in the primary next year? Why don’t they consider someone willing to do it on an interim basis, or at least who hasn’t declared they are running, even if the County Democrats and Commissioners reject them?

    Or, and maybe more importantly, do we really want someone back in office who walked away just last year because he was tired of toiling away in the minority, now that D’s control both sides? I’d prefer to stick with someone who stuck with us during the hard times.

  2. Taoiseach Says:


    The Democrats participating in the convention have to nominate more than one person. In fact, they have to send a list of not fewer than three nor more than five names to the joint Board of Commissioners, who will select from among the list the replacement officeholder.

    I have heard that the Washington County side may not feel totally on board with Hass for whatever reasons, but I am almost 100% sure that Hass will be on that list with 2 or 3 other names. I suppose the Dems convention could make sure that the Commissioners have a good depth of nominees from which to choose by sending along Bohan and Bode, who previously have held or sought public office.

  3. Frank Carper Says:


    Blah, blah. I know these things too but it doesn’t really get at my points.

    PS: Love these aliases. Sh, sh.

  4. […] Date Set for Democrats to Replace Deckert […]

  5. […] Date Set for Democrats to Replace Deckert […]

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