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Just 5% to Go… November 6, 2007

Filed under: 2007 Special Election — taoiseach @ 2:17 pm

In order for Multnomah County to get up to 50% turnout, which may be critical to the efforts to pass Measures 49 and 50, we need 5% of registered voters to turn in ballots before 8:00 PM.

As of 11:00 AM, Multnomah County is reporting that 45% of ballots have been returned.  We’re so close!

Get in touch with the Healthy Kids or Yes on 49 campaigns, make some calls, walk some blocks, and then head to the victory parties!

Healthy Kids will be at the Benson Hotel (SW Broadway and SW Oak, downtown Portland) and Yes on 49 is at the McMenamins Kennedy School (NE 33rd between Killingsworth and Ainsworth).

See you there!


3 Responses to “Just 5% to Go…”

  1. I may be wrong here, and I have no inside information, but I continue to believe that turnout in Washington County is crucial to winning Measure 50. I suspect we’ll find out that Washington County’s Yes on 50 vote will wind up higher than Multnomah County’s vote.

    The “healthy kids” part of this changes things, but in the last tobacco tax election, the worst places in the state were Northeast and Southeast Portland. The best places were Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton… i.e. doctor country.

  2. Grasshopper Says:

    Here’s my contribution to the last-minute party:

    “A last-minute plea to Oregon voters to get down to your local ballot drop-off point (myself I prefer the library), and vote yes on Measure 49. Help keep Oregon livable and sustainable!”

    Why not forward it to someone you know who needs to be browbeat (in a nice way) into voting yes on 49?

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