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Now Exiting Post-Election Dormancy November 16, 2007

Filed under: meta — taoiseach @ 5:29 pm

In case you missed it, the Boundary has been off on a post-election sabbatical after the close of the 2007 special election. Now that primary season has began its inexorable climb to May 2008, there’s no more delaying in store–and Beaver Boundary is slowly coming back to life with the detailed updates on which you may have come to depend.

But first, enjoy the weekend–forecasted to be a true rainy Oregon-style couple of days. See you on Monday…


(Not to steal from Amanda Fritz‘s guess-that-place blog motif, but if you want, you can guess the mountain in the comments…)


8 Responses to “Now Exiting Post-Election Dormancy”

  1. We thought the Beaver was just laying low since his connection to the Merkley-Mandate machine via Mitch Greenlick was exposed…

  2. taoiseach Says:

    No rest for the blog-weary during elections, EBT.

    Guess again. Or, have Henry the Novick intern take a second try.

  3. EBT Says:

    Maybe the Beav’ could ask his dad… i mean his boss this.

    “You, Rep. Greenlick, wrote in your open letter on the blog of Rep. Merkley’s media man, Kari Chisholm: “Jeff attacked the war, and President Bush in his floor speech.” And yet Jeff didn’t even mention Bush in his floor speech. You, Rep. Greenlick, described it as “a clear and unambiguous statement of disapproval for the war.” And yet far from being an “anti-war” speech, Jeff wanted to save that “conversation” “for another day.”

    Were you lying, sir or did somebody else write this smear post for BlueOregon? What shall I tell my readers, Rep. Greenlick? Malice or incompetence?”

  4. bdunn Says:

    Glad to see you back Taoiseach. EBT could you please make one non conspiracy theory based comment somewhere. Just one? Is it too much to ask?

  5. I’ll bet we could cure a lot of apathy if we could put the dormancy of some local Cascade volcanoes up for a vote.

    Just throwin’ that one out there.

  6. Salem resident Says:

    EBT, are you a supporter of Steve Novick or just someone angry at Greenlick?

    If the former, your screed is not helping Steve’s campaign.
    If the latter, alright, already, we know you dislike Greenlick. That and a few bucks will buy you a latte.

    However, most of us are just interested in what is going on in our own lives and just maybe getting a few good people elected.

  7. I have just as much connection to Taoiseach as I do to East Bank Thom.

    Actually, probably more to EBT – since I’ve commented more on his blog, shared a pitcher of beer with him, and been at multiple events together.

  8. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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