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Now Exiting Post-Election Dormancy November 16, 2007

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In case you missed it, the Boundary has been off on a post-election sabbatical after the close of the 2007 special election. Now that primary season has began its inexorable climb to May 2008, there’s no more delaying in store–and Beaver Boundary is slowly coming back to life with the detailed updates on which you may have come to depend.

But first, enjoy the weekend–forecasted to be a true rainy Oregon-style couple of days. See you on Monday…


(Not to steal from Amanda Fritz‘s guess-that-place blog motif, but if you want, you can guess the mountain in the comments…)


Inauguration August 14, 2007

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August 14, 2007 – a Tuesday in the middle of a summer month. As good a time as any, one supposes, to launch a new project. Ahoy, progressive decade!

And so Behold, burgeoning audience, the inauguration of Beaver Boundary. Yes, it’s yet another blog that floats information about Oregon politics and public affairs to a somewhat-wider and perhaps savvier reader base. But that niche is hardly a crowded one.

With an eye towards territorial trends and events as well as a focus on Oregon state politics, Beaver Boundary will eventually be one more source where the local political addict can avail herself of a ‘fix’. And like a few other blogs, this one comes at you straight from the left.

Consider the champagne bottle smashed wide open over this bow.